A Chanukah Gift to Us All
This Yom Tov, we've got an extra reason to celebrate. As we light up our homes with dancing flames, we'll also get to light up our hearts with music worth dancing to! It's a special Chanukah gift to us all, from the gifted Eli Gerstner. Once again, this beloved and acclaimed composer/producer... Read More >


Eli Gerstner Presents YBC 4
“Sh’moy Shel Melech”
It’s always a treat to talk to Eli Gerstner. Especially because his conversations are like a breath of fresh air. When you interview Eli, the first rule of thumb is to be armed with an ample supply of strong coffee... Read More >

Jewish music industry force Eli Gerstner reasserts presence with three simultaneous releases... Read More >

Yeshiva Boys Choir Volume III
Eli Gerstner Does It Again!
Nobody knows exactly how the segment of “Kol Hamispallel” from YBC Live got posted on You-Tube, the world- famous internet video site... Read More >

The Sweetest Sounds of Music: Eli Gerstner Presents The Yeshiva Boys' Choir
By Rochelle Maruch Miller
Mention Eli Gerstner's name to any Jewish music aficionado and you are sure to elicit unabashed praise. Small wonder - the musically prolific and personable performer, producer and composer is perhaps the most powerful force... Read More >

Backstage with Yeshiva Boys Choir
By Bassi Gruen
Yeshiva Boys Choir. We’ve all heard their voices on the wildly popular CD’s. A lot of us have seen their faces at their many concerts and performances. But who are they?... Read More >

Eli Gerstner Presents The Yeshiva Boys Choir
By Malky Lowinger
Just call him the King Midas of Jewish music. The wonderboy named Eli Gerstner has done it again. So we may as well crown him officially as King Midas of the music world. That’s because everthing he touches turns to gold... Read More >

V’Ohavta L’Reacho Komocha: The Sweet Sounds of The Yeshiva Boys Choir
By Rochelle Maruch Miller
They came, they sang, and they conquered! Since we first introduced you to the Yeshiva Boys Choir not so long ago, they have taken the world by storm and become the hottest group on the Jewish music scene... Read More >

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